Justine Buick, MSN, RN: “The NCLEX Tutor”

I began helping nursing students with the NCLEX exam when I first became a med-surg clinical instructor 11 years ago in Hawaii. I am now based in Boston, Massachusetts. A lot has happened in between. I now have a tutoring business at thenclextutor.com and a store where I sell my book and webinars at thenclextutor.store

I help nursing students who want to feel more confident when taking tests. This is done by making sure you know the content and how to answer NCLEX-style questions. 

The Beginnings

The idea of tutoring really started the day I passed the NCLEX. It was not a good experience and you can read more about that here. When I started to make a real difference in students’ lives for passing nursing tests was at post-conference. This was during med-surg clinical, about 1 year after I passed.

Hawaii is a diverse place in every imaginable way. As I became more exposed to teaching students of different backgrounds, I saw they would have difficulty in passing the NCLEX-RN. I thought this despite their confidence and ability on the floor. These students would make excellent nurses if they could only pass the NCLEX-RN exam! It was during this time that I started having students practice NCLEX questions during post-conference. I really wanted to increase their chances of passing the NCLEX!

Here are the cool nursing jobs I’ve had:

By earning a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Xavier University, I’ve been able to snag these jobs:

  • Staff nurse on a neuro step-down medical surgical floor at Good Sam Hospital in Cincinnati, OH
  • Med-surg clinical instructor for Hawaii Pacific University
  • Flu-clinic manager all over the Island of Oahu
  • Med-surg float nurse at The Queen’s Medical Center
  • Med-surg float nurse at Kahuku Medical Center
  • Med-surg float nurse at North Hawaii Community Hospital on the Big Island
  • Kaplan NCLEX prep teacher
  • Staff nurse at Straub Hospital
  • Med-surg clinical instructor for Quincy College
  • Staff nurse at South Shore Hospital
  • Staff nurse at long-term care facility in Plymouth
  • “The NCLEX Tutor” and owner of KoaPine Tutoring and Test Prep!
  • NCLEX Flashcard Author for Brainscape.com (to be released in 2020)

Private Tutoring Journey

Six years ago, when I became a private tutor, most of the students that were contacting me were repeat test-takers and failed the NCLEX several times. I quickly realized that students came to me totally lost. They needed some serious direction or else they would never pass.

I put together study plans, figured out the best way to teach students to analyze questions, and directed students where to find the best resources for content. When I couldn’t find any good resources for students to learn ECGs and medications, I began putting together content and practice questions. I then presented that content using webinars and my nugget pages. This showed to be a more effective way to learn difficult-to-learn-content than reading it from a book. Then I noticed some students still couldn’t remember content. That’s when I decided to make online flashcards so they could continuously test themselves.

I realized all this work was much more than what “just a tutor” would do. KoaPine Tutoring & Test Prep was born and is the official name of my “mini-empire”. I’ll always be known as “The NCLEX Tutor” as I love working one-on-one with students.

The Resources!

I have done many reviews and have gone through many NCLEX books to see how each one teaches. Now I have my own style. If you have found yourself using a variety of sources and you’re not sure who to listen to, I can clarify for you. In general, it’s better to keep it simple and not use a lot of resources.

United States and Canada

I provide private tutoring and test prep to students all over the United States and Canada. I meet with students online using Zoom from my humble mini-empire in Boston, Massachusetts.

I have had the pleasure to help multiple students in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Hawaii, Washington State, Washington D.C., Maine, Michigan, Texas, Georgia, Montana, Ohio, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arizona, Connecticut, Utah, Mississippi, Illinois, Wyoming, and every Province in Canada!

Repeat Test-Takers!

I have helped many students pass the NCLEX, including first-time test takers and repeat test takers who have failed one, two, three, five, six, and seven times! No matter what your cultural, ethnic or educational background, it’s important to be prepared to PASS. Why? The patients need you!

I am licensed in Hawaii and Massachusetts.