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You must speak with Justine before purchasing any tutoring. Contact me FIRST.

Tutoring Rates & Packages

★ All tutoring packages focus on learning content, test-taking strategies & implementing a study plan

★ students typically need between 1-4 months of tutoring/prep time


  • This option is for those that want to pay per hour.

5 hours = $550

  • Recommended for students that are already have an excellent grasp on the nursing content, but need more help with test-taking strategies.

10 hours = $1050

  • Recommended for students that want to cover the most important topics or focus on weaknesses only.

20 hours = $2000

  • Highly recommended for repeat test-takers or high-risk students that want to go through each major topic.

Payment plans

  • If you know you want to do 10-20 hours of tutoring, but cannot afford it all at once, you may purchase 5 or 10 hours of tutoring and add as needed.


NCLEX / Nursing Topics

  • Priority/Select all that apply + plan set up
  • Management of care (ethical/legal)
  • Safety & infection control
  • Med administration
  • Parenteral therapies
  • Mental health
  • Fundamentals
  • Medications
  • Adult health (all systems)
  • Maternity
  • Pediatrics
  • Delegation
  • Multi-patient priority
  • Variety
  • Readiness Tests