NCLEX Nursing Nugget Pages Book

NCLEX Nursing Nugget Pages Book

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This is a student-friendly book, not a stuffy textbook. It contains the most common content asked about on the NCLEX and tests for Nursing School. Justine Buick, "The NCLEX Tutor", has been helping nursing students pass tests since 2014 with her Nugget Pages. The 2023 2nd edition reflects the most recent NCLEX test plan and Next Gen NCLEX.

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*Available as a real physical book only (not an e-book)

Size: 11" x 8.5", landscape, coil binder, 197 pages, full color, over 420 images, easy to highlight and write notes on

Content included: Fundamentals, Management of Care, Safety and Infection Control, Pharmacology, Adult Health, Mental Health, Maternity, Pediatrics

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Passed the NGN with 85Q!

When I started studying for the NCLEX, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of material I had to know. It didn’t help that finding a content review that was comprehensive enough , yet straight to the point was nearly impossible. Either they were missing major information or they would dedicate multiple pages to a single condition. This was until a classmate told me about the NCLEX tutor. I’m glad to report that I passed the NGN on my first try with 85Q! I used both the Nursing Nugget Pages and the Brainscape flashcards. I will continue to reference this material as I embark on my journey as a new grad nurse.

Best of luck for those preparing for the NCLEX. You’ve got this xx ~Emely

Perfect NCLEX Review book

100 percent! Great Book

These nugget pages are incredible!

Best Nursing Study Guide Out There


Great NCLEX Study Tool

Where do I begin with the NCLEX Nursing nugget pages? This book covers everything you need to know to PASS the NCLEX without any unnecessary information plugged in. After completing nursing school, I long sought a Nclex nursing tool that laid out all the necessary information required in order to successfully pass. Learning difficult topics like Cardiac/EKGs and Maternity/Peds is made extremely easy when all the information is clearly stated and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book for anyone having difficulty passing the NCLEX and also advise for current nursing students to utilize this amazing book. ~Harkirit, RN


Awesome book like the author!

Amazing Book

Fantastic Book for Nursing Students and the NCLEX Exams

Customer Reviews

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Very informative and helped me pass my NCLEX for the first try.

Mia Goodstein
Efficient and flexible NCLEX tutoring

I can't thank my NCLEX tutor, Elizabeth, enough for her exceptional support and flexibility throughout my NCLEX journey. As someone who tends to get anxious during tests, Elizabeths ability to tailor sessions to my needs and go above and beyond in ensuring I was fully prepared was invaluable. Thanks to her expertise and patience, I went into the NCLEX feeling confident and well-equipped to tackle any challenge. I highly recommend THENCLEXTUTOR services to any anxious test taker seeking comprehensive preparation and any student that struggles with executive functioning and time management. I really appreciate how Justine takes the time to have a conversation with every student to set expectations and ensure the program is a right fit and sets you up for success. Thank you both so much.

First time NCLEX taker and passed (:

You need this book!

I bought this book along with a tutoring package and it was a game changer! Compared to other nursing books I bought this book by far was the best. It consisted of testing strategies for priority questions and pictures. The material inside was great. Some of the other books I purchased were too over the top with information or had little to no info but this book was perfect. It has all of the information to help you understand the topics without all of the extra stuff. As a repeat tester for the NCLEX, this book plus the help of Mrs. Justine helped me pass my NCLEX. I wish I found this book when I was in Nursing school. It would be a great resource in nursing school and studying for the NCLEX. I highly recommend you to get this book.


This is an awesome way to review material! I love the condensed pages and multiple pneumonics— great for studying. Definitely will use a resource through my nursing career

Princess, RN
100%! Great Book!

This book literally saved my life. I don’t really like reading pages of book that is not actually necessary especially for someone like me who really needs to meet her deadline. The book is a summarize notes of the things that you really should know before taking the exam. It was very stand point and easy to understand. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good review material for the exam. Thank you Justine for this and for the tutoring sessions. It really helped me a lot to ace the exam