NCLEX Nursing Nugget Pages Book

NCLEX Nursing Nugget Pages Book

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This is a student-friendly book, not a stuffy textbook. It contains the most common content asked about on the NCLEX and tests for Nursing School. Justine Buick, "The NCLEX Tutor", has been helping nursing students pass tests since 2014 with her Nugget Pages. The 2023 2nd edition reflects the most recent NCLEX test plan and Next Gen NCLEX.

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*Available as a real physical book only (not an e-book)

Size: 11" x 8.5", landscape, coil binder, 197 pages, full color, over 420 images, easy to highlight and write notes on

Content included: Fundamentals, Management of Care, Safety and Infection Control, Pharmacology, Adult Health, Mental Health, Maternity, Pediatrics

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100 percent! Great Book

June 14, 2021

This book literally saved my life. I don’t really like reading pages of book that is not actually necessary especially for someone like me who really needs to meet her deadline. The book is a summarize notes of the things that you really should know before taking the exam. It was very stand point and easy to understand. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a good review material for the exam. Thank you Justine for this and for the tutoring sessions. It really helped me a lot to ace the exam. ~Princess, RN

These nugget pages are incredible!

September 26, 2020

Justine makes it so easy to understand the main idea for each topic that is necessary to know for the NCLEX. My favorite feature of this book is the added skull-and-crossbones next to the information that has a “killer” effect. This makes it easy for you to point out the difference between a lab just being out of range in comparison to a value that needs immediate intervention. There is no “fluff” added, which means she only includes what is needed for you to pass. I wish I had the nugget pages through nursing school because it would have made things so much clearer to understand! Even though I passed the NCLEX, I am keeping this book for reference since it has everything a RN needs to be successful. I highly recommend getting this! ~Nina, RN

Best Nursing Study Guide Out There

September 25, 2020

This is the best study guide out there, hands down! Everything is so compact, so easy to understand and so conveniently located and organized. As a repeat test taker who graduated almost 4 years ago with my BSN, this was the perfect way to refresh my memory with all the nitty gritty content that is essential for the NCLEX. I highly highly recommend purchasing one and even after passing, I would still use this book as a reference point for everyday nursing. ~Sarah, RN


Great NCLEX Study Tool

June 21, 2020

Where do I begin with the NCLEX Nursing nugget pages? This book covers everything you need to know to PASS the NCLEX without any unnecessary information plugged in. After completing nursing school, I long sought a Nclex nursing tool that laid out all the necessary information required in order to successfully pass. Learning difficult topics like Cardiac/EKGs and Maternity/Peds is made extremely easy when all the information is clearly stated and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book for anyone having difficulty passing the NCLEX and also advise for current nursing students to utilize this amazing book. ~Harkirit, RN


Awesome book like the author!

This Nuggets book is a life saver. Very straight to the point,only top content that you will encountered on the NCLEX questions are inside on this Nuggets pages. You have to know it by heart and surely you will do good on the exam. I am a repeat test taker and did all the resources out there but only this NUGGETS BOOK worked for me plus the webinar and doing session with Ms Justine. That’s all you need to Pass this exam. I will not pass without Ms Justine and the “LIFE SAVER NUGGETS PAGES BOOK.” I highly recommend this get your copy and worth every penny. Thank you again awesome author Ms Justine. ~Rica, RN

Amazing Book

This book was amazing. It helped shorten all the important things we learned in nursing school into a small book. It was so helpful, the book highlighted all the important information you need to know for the NCLEX. I highly recommend this book to anyone in nursing school or recently graduated from nursing school. The book as well as the weekly webinars are the key to passing the NCLEX. I wouldn’t have been able to pass my NCLEX without them. ~Zainab, RN

Fantastic Book for Nursing Students and the NCLEX Exams

As you all know, nursing books for our courses can be too much to read and grasp the contents. I’ve had a hard time understanding and recalling content. The NUGGET pages in the books made it so much easier to understand contents and recall them for exams. The book covers various topics essential for nursing. I carry this not everywhere. It is great for review and preparing for exams. GET YOURSELF A COPY! I want to thank you from the deepest of my heart for this book and for helping me on my nursing journey. ~Fredrick, nursing student